Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nayu's News #24

 Ahhh - this is me. With the sun shining on the grass in the garden, I so feel like this girl. Only I get to avoided the hardness of soil & the ugh-ness of hayfever.

Summary of how I'm feeling at the moment

Content but very sleepy. Unless I thinkof family's future holiday plans. 

Family are back so I'm no longer on garden duty. They have since bought more plants for the garden (vegetables, I think). Nooo! I'm not talented in the plant area, unlike Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden 

Reasons for sleepiness & content

Honestly I'd love to be doing this right now. 

But I can't for another 4 hours. If I slept now, I'd be awake at 12am. Or 1am. Not good.

That's part of the trouble waking up early, at least for me. I never used to be this tired *yawn* but I am. Whenever I hit the 12 hour mark, be it 4pm, 5pm, 6pm or 7pm, I tend to be sleepy. Today is no exception. I've been sleepy most of the day though! Thankfully I've been able to spend most of it relaxing with anime dvds, including the following          
Be warned there are spoilers 

Gunslinger Girl info from Wiki (mostly accurate!) This is not a happy go lucky dvd, not by a long shot. I mean, girls who have a bit of cyborg in them and are killing machines? Would you put this anime with me? (Honestly - if you didn't know me, would you think I like assassination anime?) It's not about the killing though. I feel sorry for the girls, I love the subtle bond of sisterhood they have for each other, and for fear of when they'll die. 

Noir the second assassination anime I own - info on wiki here. I can't even remember when I got this one - I got Gunslinger after seeing Noir. I think I liked the premise & bought it. The soundtrack is awesome! I love the Cante Per Me which is one of the theme songs for the fighting. This is pretty violent and grim, but um yes I somehow like asssassins (not in real life - that's different). Having female assassins in a not too mature anime (adult situation wise) is awesome. I love Mirielle (pictured on the cover) because she gets about on her scooter, is cool, calm, can be a little caring but equally deadly. There are just so many ways she & Kiriko kill people - I'll never forget the fork incident. (Now I've put everyone off - I promise the rest are nice!

R.O.D the TV Series - info on wiki. I adored the use of books & paper as a power source. I've watched the series a few times, but unfortunately it is now no longer for me. I was watching an episode to see if the buzz had come back (the last time I'd watched it the buzz was fading). The buzz has gone. So this too will go, although I might be able to give it to a friend who likes it. Would rather it goes to a good home.

My Hime/Mai Hime - info on wiki.  I adore the powers in this show. The girls have mecha/spirit beasts who they use to fight evil (and's a very complex story). Now this is the mildest of the series, I've been warned the rest are more adult. There's a bit of inuendo and adult content - I skip at least 1 or 2 episodes, and sometimes have to skip scenes within an episode just so it's more Nayu friendly. But oh the power! *dreams of having all the creatures* The last episode when the girls come back from the dead (alive & well thanks to magic) is my favourite part!

Shugo Chara! Party! - info on wiki here. Regular readers will know how much I adore Shugo Chara! & Shugo Chara! Doki! Party....storywise it is a little flat. Apparently it's set after the end of the manga (which I haven't got to yet - only got a few of them). A lot seems to be missed after the end of Shugo Chara! Doki! - Ikuto has disappeared completely almost without a trace, there isn't as much talk about the special power transformation that Amu was able to undergo in the boss fight. Plus the dvd....well..agh! I'm sure some people like having the extra bits where humans dressed as Amu in the various transformation introducing each episode....playing a game before each episode....having a special chara animation short (mostly with Miki/Su/Ran/Dia)....and having a little spotlight on the different charas. Yes it is more info - but I just want to watch the anime! So I have to skip a lot. I also not so keen when the band is shown in the end theme (instead of just being a song while I see 100% Shugo Chara ending). This has dampened my enjoyment of Shugo Chara by 1 notch. The first 2 seasons are totally cool. This one - is growing on me. The new character is adding a lot of zest. I just wish some story lines were followed up - Easter don't feel a big threat - I don't know what the big threat is, the girl with all the x-eggs is funny & pretty cool but the Guardians haven't noticed a whole load of x-eggs around/missing from people, so it's a bit odd. 

Winx -info on wiki. This is my ultimate favourite anime. I know it's in French (well, I've got the French version) but its superb. It never fails to make me smile. Even the sadder episodes have some humour in. I think Stella 
 (Stella (left) with Bloom (right)
is my favourite character at the moment, running alongside Flora.  
(This is when Flora is painting in season 4 - it reminds me of my 3-4 year old self, as I refused to wear an apron at nursery so I didn't do any painting. I was very stubborn, even then!)
I haven't watched any yet - that's what I'm viewing tonight. I understand French a lot more than Japanese so it's ideal when I'm feeling sleepy yet want to keep watching anime. I've just started Season 2 and Layla is new on the scene - as are/will be the mini fees! (pixies). 

Exciting day tomorrow
I'm off work until Monday - tomorrow I've got an appointment at the pain clinic to decide which treatment to have next. I'd like the ketamine again, in a slightly higher dose as it worked pretty well, but it all depends on what their plan is. The rest of the day will be spent with dvds. All of Friday will be with dvds (not books). I may have to watch dvds Sat & Sun, but I'm hoping I can ease back into reading. I'm always super tired after those kind of hospital visits, hence the scheduled relaxation. 

Which I must do or else my friends will get mad at me!

(Holo from the anime Spice and Wolf which I'm getting very soon! Here she's in a mood, although I'm not sure why) 

Other stuff

I'm reading a little, although over the next few days not so much while I recover. Lots of books are making me smile and cry in a good way. Writing is happening too, slowly but surely and only when I'm up for it. That's the hard part, really, as all I want to do is write but that time is restricted. It means Muse works in a concentrated burst which is good for her. 

Time to go get some food! Have a fab evening, and I promise to post again once I'm rested up to reveal the next step in my treatment. 

Stay happy! 

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