Monday, 7 May 2012

Nayu's News #18

(Flora from the fairy anime Winx)

Writing News 
I did it! I finished this round of edits on my fairy wip! Yay! The hard work is nearly over! Or just beginning.
(random anime fairy)

This round of edits on Sky Fairies book 1 was mostly line editing. Only I didn't do it directly on my wip. I read my wip on my Kindle, then wrote notes on my iTouch, using a note app. Each chapter (after chapter7 or 8 - before that they were all in one note doc) had a separate file. I also had a file for making notes on characters, sets, magic spells, and random notes that I'd need to remember to do on the next edit. It was great fun doing that, I could dip in and out as I wanted and everything would still be in the same place that I'd left it. 
I've only recently adopted the method of writing in short bursts, which means I get to write more often, so it's taken a while to do this edit. However, I'm pretty sure it won't take as long for the next editing round. I'll be inputting all the extra additions, deleting the parts that need cutting, and double-checking it all makes sense. That will have to be done on my laptop, and I'm looking forward to starting tommorrow. 

Today's plans

Yes, I'm not starting the next stage of editing now. I edited quite a lot yesterday, and a fair bit today. I need a break - even more so as I'm still uber low on energy. 

So,will I be doing this....? 
Nope. The way I feel at the moment, that would turn to this...

I might have done a bit too much editing yesterday (for which a friend will glare at me across the ocean between us). 
 (Aika from the anime Aria)

Which leaves the 3rd best thing after writing and reading - anime! 
 Yup, you guessed it, Shugo Chara! All day long. Which is for about 7-8 hours (minus meals & dishes) 

I'm one happy Nayu ^o^

I hope that regardless of whether you've got a national holiday you'll have a bit of fun today. I should be back here either Wednesday or Saturday, hopefully with news about progress on the next round of edits. 

(My Twitter avatar Holo, from the anime Wolf and Spice)

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