Monday, 7 May 2012

DVD review #2 Shugo Chara eps 31-41

It's Shugo Chara time! 

Changing with Dia - Amulet Diamond!
I'm super excited because guess what? Amu transformed with the chara Dia!!!! 
 Isn't the transformation beautiful? I was crying a little when it happened, because ever since Dia became an X egg and transformed with Utau, I was upset for Amu.
(Dia as Utau's chara)

 I wanted her to have all 4 of her eggs, to have that part of herself which represented Dia. And now she has her! Well, sort of. After the big battle, which sees Utau out from Easter company along with her manager, Dia went back into her egg. 
 Amu's not quite ready for Dia yet, but she will be soon (apparently). I'm being good and not looking online for when that happens - I'm satisfied that Amu has Dia. Dia is the 6th chara Amu transforms with - because both of Utau's charas changed with her. The power of Dia is phenomenal. It's beautiful how the power is the radiance Amu has within her, the part of her character that shines and reaches out to people. Roll on when Dia comes back! It'll be funny watching her interact with Ran, Miki and Su. For now this is how I'll see her. 

Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key

I'm truly mystified about the connection between Amu's Humpty Lock and Ikuto's Dumpty Key. Something started to happen in one of the episodes I watched today, but then nothing did. It must be something to do with the growing relationship between Amu and Ikuto. Maybe once they fully connect they'll save the world for once and for all? I love not knowing what's going on on the first time of watching, it heightens the atmosphere. 

Amu's little sister Ami

Before I go, I want to say that Ami, Amu's little sister is super adorable! I'm pleased that she can see the charas, and how she's the one who helped encourage Utau to be good. I'm wondering whether she'll get her own chara, and be able to fight alongside Amu!  

I hope you've enjoyed today's Shugo Chara review. There will be more soon!

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