Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Contagion by Graylin Fox (Urban Fantasy)

April 2011, Decadent
Review copy

Themes: deadly disease, humans wiped out, loyal elves, an awesomely cute baby dragon, funny goblins, fairies with style, hunted, the past catching up with the present, inconvenient injuries, new family, relief, lots of hope, lots of smiles

Summary from Decadent
In 2012, a flu epidemic killed millions. Among the survivors struggling to adapt, Tessa flees to her family’s cabin, only to find it already occupied…by fairies! After a companionable year with her new housemates, Tessa again has to adapt to a parade of creatures of myth and legend on her property—including a baby dragon and a tiny goblin. All the creatures aren’t so friendly, and Tessa soon learns she’s in the battle for her very life and the life of those she’s come to love. Driven by a maniacal monster with a personal grudge against Tessa, Ogres hunt humans to make way for a new evil regime on Earth. Only Tessa and her small friends stand between hope and annihilation.

Nayuleska's thoughts
I'm delighted that Graylin is working on a sequel because this is such a fun read. There are lots of moments where I held my breath, with appropriate amounts of peril, but what I love the most is that for a story of a dystopian like world there's bucketfuls of hope. Tessa learns she isn't alone any more, and family doesn't always mean those you are related to. Occasionally it felt like the story raced along to fast, making this an enjoyable 9/10 read.

Suggested read

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Graylin Fox said...

Thank you for the review Nayu!

Nayuleska said...

You're most welcome, Graylin!