Friday, 13 April 2012

The Pony Detectives: Moonlight: Star of the Show by Belinda Rapley (Children's, 7 years +)

April 2012, Templar
208 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: school holidays, spending time with friends, owning ponies, sharing stables, the dirtier side of owning a pony, accident prone friend, mystery, pony kidnapping, suspicions, wild goose chase, fear of being caught, trapped, conquering fears, friendship, sportsmanship, a lot of laughs, some exciting moments, tissues needed at te end

Summary from Templar
Saddle up for friendship, fun and intrigue in these detective stories with an equestrian twist. Four best friends stable their ponies at the same yard and spend every moment they have with their ponies and each other. But they aren't just good at jumping and showing – they're also great at solving mysteries! When local champion show-jumping pony Moonlight disappears just before the prestigious Fratton Cup competition, the girls leap into action, following clues and getting themselves into sticky situations as they solve the case of the missing pony.
Nayuleska's thoughts 
Yay! Another horse book. I loved this one because not only did I learn about friends taking care of their ponies together, they solve a mystery! I adore detective stories, and the way the girls use their horses to help figure out some of the clues is interesting. Each girl has a distinctive trait: I share Alice's nerves and Rosie's ability for mishaps. This is a thrilling 10/10 start to an exciting series, with illustrations of horse and rider st the front and tips on pony care at the back.

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Suggested read
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Anonymous said...

really enjoyed book one. half way through two and cant put it down. mum has her orders to buy me the next two soon as they are out. i cant wait cos they are fab