Friday, 13 April 2012

Nayu's News #6

 (This a random anime pic, but I love how pink it is)

It's the weekend! Whooohoo! 

Today's been a pretty good day. Work was steady, but not overly manic. My manager was super lovely and let us all leave 30 minutes early - including me. This meant I got home just before my usual time, as I made a stop to get a few groceries. 

(Stella from Winx Club at the sight of so many lovely shops) 

As well as the rich teas (which I'd almost run out of, something which is Very Bad) and the veg soup, I got some yogurt. Now, at this particular store I sometimes get the luxury yogurts because they are funky tastes and sometimes I need incentives to eat when I'm not hungry. I picked up two whose sell by dates were over 10 days away. Note that earlier on in the day I knew it was 13th April, and I'd even written it at work. So I looked at the other two flavours, whose sell by date was 13th April. I wanted to try both flavours, totally didn't realise today was the 13th, until I was driving home and worked out the 13th was today. 

(Sometimes I can be a bit clueless)

So I'll be eating lots of yogurt this weekend! Just like last week when I had to eat a lot of bread. It's all very tasty.

When I got home there were a few parcels with books in. More importantly, the not all that long awaited Barbie Fairytopia boxset arrived! 

So I'm just about to start the first one - I've nearly done all my online bits. It's movie night, and I'm starting it early so I may get all 3 watched tonight (definitely 2). I love starting my weekends with something fun. 

Have a good evening, whatever you're up to.

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