Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nayu's News #6

I'm glaring a little at my friend who is on the other side of the  big pond to me as I write this. Here's how our convo went. 

Me: Can I edit for 20 mins?
Friend: genuine pause as she thinks
Me: (realising I'm not supposed to write on a work day if I'm working the next day) Ok I retract statement and will write a blog post
Friend: You're tired, right? 
Me: Yes, but....
Friend: *sigh* My point. So long as it isn't a review post, you can blog. 
Me: *dances about*

It's tricky when my mind is hyperactive, and my body is anything but active. I'm going to appease myself with reading for most of the evening. Might watch Winx too as I suspect I'll need a break from reading halfway or so. It's at times like these I have to be really strict at not overdoing stuff. 

(This is from Winx Season 4 (the one I'm shortly starting), where the girls crash at Bloom's adopted parents' house until they find their own place - it's not restful for her father, Mike) 

First day back at work was good, I managed to catch up on emails and am now mostly up to date with everything. 

I managed to successfully transfer my legally bought English Winx in Concert tracks onto a CD last night, so I now listen to Winx on my commute to work. I know the words to all of them now. 

Not sure what I'll read beside this book, Talina in the Tower 

..but I did watch one episode of Negima, which saw Konoka (below)  and Negi buying Atsuna a new alarm clock, unknowingly being spied upon by their friends. 

Plus I watched episodie one of Noein, which I have seen before and is a bit weird, but is awesome in some places. 

(Haruka - she rarely wears this outfit, but I really like it. Plus the blue snow is highly significant)

It's time for me to go be good and rest - have a good evening! 

(Holo my Twitter Avatar from the anime Spice and Wolf

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