Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Nayu's News #5

Evening all! (Or morning/afternoon/whatever). Hope something has made you smile today.

Today's been the last day of my holiday. I'm looking forward to work tomorrow - although not necessarily my inbox, which could be imploding with all those emails. But that's not until tomorrow, so lets have a look on what I've been up to today.

It was a nice leisurely get up, no need to rush around. Naturally I always try to catch up with Twitter on my days off.

After that I began the usual morning errands - at Craft Club I started sewing together crochet squares for a lap blanket. There is a right and a wrong side to each piece. I was paying quite a bit of attention to the conversations around me, and thus had to unpick two squares because I'd sewn them the wrong way round. I'm grateful I discovered my mistake now, and not later when I've added an orange border to it all.

When I got home I watched this

(Twilight movie #1)

Sparkling Edward made me laugh, and the rest I had a happy gaze on my face. I'm still surprised how much I enjoyed this movie.

I swiftly started watching this film....

(Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom - I have the French version. To me Winx has to be in French)

*fangirl squeal* Everything involving Winx makes me smile. Unlike previous times when I've rolled my eyes at some of Bloom's trauma, I understood it a bit more and really felt for her. I cried a lot too - I cried when the girls got their diplomas and became Guardians of Good, 

(Stella getting her diploma)

I cried heaps at the end when it ended happily. Yes, if I'm happy, I usually cry. I never used to cry so much, but these days it happens more often than not.

Since then I've been scheduling up a few reviews for here (we are safe until Saturday), chatting with a friend, doing the dishes - the usual.

Nothing unusual has happened today - tonight I'm continuing with sewing the crochet squares up while watching Waterloo Road and The Apprentice.

Have a great day!

(Holo, my Twitter Avatar from Spice and Wolf anime out in June)

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