Sunday, 29 April 2012

Nayu's News #16

I would love to be snuggled up in this bed (from here) at the moment.

Been feeling tired this weekend quite a bit, so spent a lot of it watching anime. Which has been great fun. I've managed to read two children's books, and tonight I'm returning to more anime.

Princesse Sarah, the French cartoon version of the book The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett, is still really cool.
 (Sarah in a winter outfit) 
Sarah is extremely spoilt, but her ignorance of how things work is more because people haven't told her what happens at the seminary. If anything, Lavinia has the attitude problem I'd have expected Sarah to have. I've watched 3 episodes, and have met all the girls at the school. For now Sarah's father is alive.

Alice Academy is a bit mature, a bit strange but it's starting to make more sense.
 There's an awful lot going on in the plot, and I suspect it's going to get a lot more complicated before it straightens out. It also is still really cool, so I'm  happy with these two purchases.

As for Shugo Chara....
 (most of the cast)
.'s amazing!!! I mean seriously amazing. I've seen Ami transform into her three charas. In the short time she's had them she's more confident of her abilities - especially when she sees what a lack of confidence can do to those children whose hidden charas turn into evil punishment eggs. Anime is and always will be more than just a cartoon. All human emotions and situations are explored, which when combined with super cute graphics makes it easier to understand, and a joy to watch.
(Amu with her three charas, Ran (the pink one) who is sporty, Miki (the blue one) who is artistic, and Su (the green one) who is a cooking genius)  

I'm due a busy week at work, judging from the tasks I had on my desk when I left on Friday, so other than posting links on Twitter, there will be no blog post until Wednesday at the earliest. I'm still working on my character duel blog post, but hope to launch that soon.

Hope you all managed to do something fun this weekend. To those who are battling germ gremlings, give them a whack on the head from me.

(or blast them with Bloom from Winx Club's power) 

Ah! Speaking of Bloom reminds me I started watching Season 1 of Winx tonight (again. Not sure how many times I've seen it now. A lot). All the series are quite different - I love the first one because it is more school focused, there's lots of different songs for the transformations, depending on who the Winx are fighting. 
(Bloom and Stella meet for the first time) 

Have a great evening!

(Holo from Wolf and Spice (or Spice and Wolf - I think I'm getting muddled. Ah - the title below says it all. Spice and Wolf. I'll try to remember that))

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