Friday, 27 April 2012

Nayu's News #15

 (Alice and Aika from the anime Aria are spying on Akari (not in this picture) 

Ok, I'm well aware that I've decided not to do this on week days, butt there might not be one tomorrow (as I'll probably just be scheduling up reviews) I feel like Alice and Aika because I've snuck on my blog on a day where I shouldn't be here. See, I'm a rebel!

(This is what Aika wears one time when she's ill: she feels better so she goes out for an ice cream, but then she gets upset when she sees Alice and Akari together. She feels that they don't care about her, when the opposite was true (they got her a treat) She headed home, dropping her ice cream in the process. What a waste!)

I'm so glad to have reached the weekend without needing to go off sick. I'm definitely fighting something off, which means I've barely read anything. *wails* I miss reading! Don't have the energy though, so it's stupid to even try to read. 

 (I'll be resting up, just not in my bed)

Just as I got in the house after work, I decided to have an anime weekend. My thinking was that when I'm off sick from work, I just watch DVDs so I can rest. I've been shattered each day this week (work kindly decided to be quite busy, just when I wanted a quiet week), so could do with some serious R&R. Apart from blog scheduling, which won't be as many as normal because last weekend I put up enough reviews to take me through to Tuesday last Saturday, I'm going to be relaxing with anime. The best news? The bit which has me going squee and mentally dancing around the room?


(Kirino from the anime Bamboo Blade - when she's really happy she gets stars in her eyes. That's what I was like when I saw the parcels)

I got home and saw a pile of parcels on the worktop. I settled down opening them after I'd got in, and beamed as I opened this one first.
(Shugo Chara is MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And the Amazon package, not due until Monday, presented me with this one 
(Alice Academy (anime, Japanese))
and this one
 (French version of A Little Princess,  called Princesse Sarah)

There is no way I'll be watching the 3 seasons of Shugo Chara, or the 8 discs for Princesse Sarah, or the one season of Alice Academy in one go. But I'm going to have fun diving into them all. Especially Shugo Chara. 

(What I'll be doing this weekend)

I will also deal with emails that I've been ignoring this week (only because I knew I'd deal with them at the weekend - some of the content is very good for me! (mostly books)) Those include one type of email which I love to receive: the person requesting that review their book addressed me by name (my online name), and it felt like they'd read my website. Sometimes I get form requests which don't use my name and that annoys me. I don't automatically say no to those types, it depends on what the book offers. But the simple addition of the reviewer's name makes the reviewer feel more loved and respected. (I wish I could put flashing lights in this paragraph, because I can't stress how happy I get when people use my name). 

Anyway, hope you have a fun week and are staying away from germ gremlins. I'll leave you with a picture of my Twitter Avatar, Holo from Wolf and Spice anime. 

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