Monday, 23 April 2012

Nayu's News #13

I'm writing this as fast as I can because I haven't got long left online & need to get some food. Which will include spring onions! Hence the repeated picture which I used the other day. 

Felt a bit funky this morning, so instead of gaming watched 2 eps of Winx to cheer me up.
(In one of them Roxy helps save a white tiger cub & other animals from evil animal traffickers)

 It worked! Still felt bit odd, but survived the day. Got home to watch 3 eps of Cardcaptor Sakura, and was nearly as scared as Sakura about the mystery singing voice, but I'd seen it before when I'd accidentally watched the disc in the wrong order. Here's a picture of Tomoyo singing. 

 Sadly no sign of the eagerly awaited Shugo Chara just yet.vHere's a picture of what I'll be watching soon.

That really is it for today - I'm reading this book, which arrived today. 

It was a little delayed getting to me (unforeseen delay), and as it's out in a few days I want to read it asap. The review will follow soon! It's all about a girl who learns to sew at 12 years old with her mother, then gets tangled up in war and her sewing saves her. It's a translated read, and my family are interested in reading it too. Got a few hours tonight to finish it so should get a good way through the 600 odd pages. 

Have a good one! 

(My Twitter Avatar Holo, from the anime Spice and Wolf

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