Monday, 2 April 2012

It's all about the pudding

(read further down as to why it says caramel - pretend it's mocha, ok? I bought it myself, and get zero benefits from posting a short review on it)

I loved waking up this morning - I've been really excited about work as quite a lot of people are away so I'm free to attempt to get on top of a few tasks. The photocopier didn't play up, so that was a huge bonus. I stuffed a lot of letters into envelopes for a colleague, with only 1 paper cut! 

After work I headed out to a certain upmarket store to get their mocha frappe (frappee? frappees? I'm not googling the spelling!). I'd bought two yummy strawberry ones, because they were the low fat variety so family would eat them. I got home, realised I hadn't checked their vegetarian status...and they had beef gelatine in. Yuk. No pudding for me Friday. 

I haven't been without pudding, but I was looking forward to the fruit frappe/frappee/frappees so after work I popped in and picked up the mocha ones. Nomilicious!

Okay, so it's mocha, not the caramel one as shown. I couldn't find a photo of the mocha one. & my camera is in my room, so I'm not going upstairs for it just yet. Pretend it says mocha and looks more chocolately. And I was correct the first time with the spelling. I've had half today - will have half tomorrow, then eat the other over 2 days (small appetite rather than being good). 

Pudding makes everything better, don't you think? 

This afternoon I have...

....dashed to the post office to post a parcel....

....admired Katara in Book 2 episode 9 of Avatar series as she starts getting through to the Earth Master who name eludes me that Ang needs a little positive encouragement in his training....

 (Bloom crying - not sure which episode this was from)

...wanted to cry as the Winx believe Tecna is lost forever in season 3, and try to fight Valtor. 

This evening I am....

(I thought she looked sweet, even if she's not reading the book) 

..going to read over my work so far on Doodle Girl, so I can carry on writing it tomorrow

...going to read fun books! 

I hope a book gets to feature in your day (and pudding!) Have a good evening :) 

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