Sunday, 15 April 2012

Chocolate Competition Winners!

What better way to finish off a weekend with some chocolate! Thank you for all who entered the chocolate competition. It was initially a means of me deciding whether or not to merge my two blogs (I have - all my anime/writing/random posts are now here), and then became a normal chocolate competition. 

I was really touched by your answers to the questions. It means a lot that my blog is doing what I want it to do - it's sharing my passion for books with the world. 

There's also my passion for chocolate, so here are the 5 winners

Mary Preston!....who would like Dairy Milk

Whispering Word!....who would also like Dairy Milk

Daniela!...another Dairy Milk fan! 

Zarina!...who is a Galaxy fan (phew, I was worried no one liked Galaxy. I like them both very much)

Ardyth!...a second Galaxy fan. 

Many congratulations to you all. I will be buying the chocolate on Wednesday, so will post it Wednesday afternoon. For those who are international winners, hopefully it shouldn't take much longer than a week or so to get to you. 

By the end of next weekend I promise there will be a book competition - possibly 2! So keep checking back to win more great prizes here at NRC.


whispering words said...

Thanks very much! I promise to enjoy it immensely! And your blog is fantasic! I'm glad you decided to merge them, your posts are fab :)

Nayuleska said...

You are very welcome.

Im glad you enjoy the posts - I do worry a little about focusing so much on Winx & anime, but it is a part of me. I have both in my life every day, & I'm learning it's ok to be myself online, rather than being more reserved which is how I usually am around those who arent close friends. It turns out some of you like the pictures I pick, & some even like the same anime! Sometimes I wish there was a way to express emotion technologically, because words don't do gratitude justice.

Eep! What am I doing - this is like a second blog post, nor a comment!

Still, yabbering on is also part of me ^o^

marybelle said...

THANK YOU!! A lovely surprise.