Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sweet Hearts: Model Behaviour by Jo Cotterill (Children's, 9 years +)

 (I love this cover! The colours match the emotional feel of the book)
February 2012. Red Fox
314 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Themes: airheads, fashion world, glitz and grim modelling life, work experience, relying on influence instead of hard work, animal rescue centre, getting hands dirty, friends moving apart, understanding people are all different, learning to care, hard working, changing attitude, mild peril and animal cruelty, lots of awwww moments.
 The fifth title in this wonderful series. For all fans of Cathy Cassidy and Jacqueline Wilson - Sweet Hearts follows a huge cast of girls and their friendships, families and first loves!

Lola Cassidy has it all - wealthy parents, a gorgeous boyfriend and the daughter of a Bollywood producer as her best friend. She's going to be a model, just like her mother and is looking forward to her work experience at a famous fashion house.

But things don't go to plan, and when her place in designer heaven falls through she ends up having to work in an animal sanctuary. Can Harry, as mysterious as he is good-looking, help her enjoy her new situation . . . ?

Nayuleska's thoughts As with the other books in this series Lola's story is heart warming. Her lifestyle is chosen by her parents, but slowly she discovers who she wants to be is different to who she is. Not everyone welcomes the change in Lola, and it isnt easy for her. I was crying by the end because she turns into someone i admire. This is a definite 10/10 read.

Check out more about Sweet Hearts series and Jo on the dedicated website.

Suggested read
The Sweet Hearts book which touched me the most is Forget Me Not. I'm going to get the books I don't have in the series because they are feel good books. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Nayu - thanks so much for the lovely review! I'm so pleased you enjoyed Model Behaviour - I confess it was my favourite in the series to write because I loved writing Lola's character and the whole culture clash thing between her life and the sanctuary. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, hope you're feeling better today :-) Jo Cotterill x

Nayuleska said...

Hi Jo - you're most welcome! It is such a fun series. I'm reading books 1 & 2 now. And I'm feeling a bit better, thank you.