Saturday, 3 March 2012

Heart-shaped Bruise by Tanya Byrne (Young Adult)

 10th May 2012, Headline
Review copy

Themes: psychiatric institution, therapy, broken soul, facing fears, chasing away personal demons, stalking, lies, new identity, lots of tension, occasional teen romance, occasional use strong language, suicide

Summary from Headline
I think of all the things I could have been... a music student, in love, happy.

But then Juliet stabbed my father and shattered everything I thought I knew about myself.

She turned me into someone else, into this hard, angry, miserable girl who did the most terrible things. Things that make people take a step back when I walk into a room.

That's what hurts... that you all think you know who I am. But the one thing Google will never tell you is who I used to be... who I might have become.

But I can tell you. So here we go - I'll be me and you be the stranger on the bus.

Nayuleska's thoughts
I pushed this book to the top of the pile because I liked the title. As I started reading about Emily's tragic life, I knew it wouldn't be a happy book. However, Emily has a sense of humour which helps both her and me get through her emotional path, one that examines the darker side of humanity which we are all capable of, but don't always do. A wonderful 9/10 read.

Suggested readFor another teen locked in a facility try Ultraviolet by R J Anderson

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