Sunday, 25 March 2012

Go with the flow

This is Stella from Winx Club, Season 4 when the girls have their magical pet shop. Stella shops like no-one else. There's nothing stopping her (unless it's some enemies) between her and new clothes, as her friend, who include Musa (left) and Layla (right). Even her friends know to go along with her suggestions, unless they are totally outrageous, because it'll be easier in the long run. I was actually thinking of the time where she enters a Miss Magix competition (beauty contest - yes she is a little shallow). The girls agree reluctantly - and only because they love her. 

What I'm getting to is that in life, you need to go with the flow. Often we have an idea of how a day/week/month should be. Naturally things change because other people are involved, and nothing ever goes exactly as planned. Over the past year or so I've learnt just to go with the flow. So I'm doing exactly that. 

Yesterday was a really good day editing - I got through 2 chapters. Today I haven't even managed one. I did manage an hour, and it was really good fun. Today my body doesn't want to meet up with my grand aspirations (3 hours editing, 1 hour blogging, a few dvds and a good 6 hours of reading). I needed a few groceries, so made sure I'd blogged before I left home. I know from experience it is really Not A Good Idea to keep editing when my body is holding up 'rest now' signs. When I feel like I could do this at 11am

(Akari from Aria anime falling asleep as she works on her design for the palaquin (post that stands in water outside the gondola store front)) 

I know better than to argue. I rested up with 2 episodes of Bones - including the one where Angela and Hodgins get married in prison (it makes sense if you watch it). 

 I finished off volume 1 of Pop Pixie

 And even watched the first episode of Rozen Maiden. I confess I'm  having to watch it with the subtitles on - I try not to, but there's a lot of language I don't understand (which is more language specific to the series and not necessarily every day life). But after this once, I'll keep them off on the next round. 

I then read half of this, which is rather funny. I'm putting it down now because my reading speed has been decreasing the more chapters I read. 

So what am I going to watch tonight, you ask? Well...I think it's time I have a Winx fest! I'm on season 3, and hopefully I might get as far as the girls starting to get their Enchantix *fan girl squeal*. This is my favourite series of all time, it truly is. 

(this is from season 4 - left to right is Techna, Flora, Musa and Stella)

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