Thursday, 22 March 2012

Awesome books, hot chocolate and oreos.

I've bought everything mentioned in this post for myself. 

Childhood Ballet Book series Classic

Drina. I can't remember who mentioned it on Twitter, but it set off my memory. I loved the Drina series by Jean Estoril when I was little. I never had my own copy, but I borrowed my friend's copy all the time. I adore school series, even more so if the girls involved are learning a skill like dancing or ice skating. So off I set about looking for the books. 

I promise I'm not going off on a tanget now - not too much, anyway. Recently I've noticed how some anime boxsets which I've bought are now super hard to find, and being sold for what I call stupid money (very expensive). Mostly I read books which are newly published, and/or going to be published soon. So I was feeling a little panicked with the lack of Drina books. I had to pay a little more on 3-5 of them. I then had to hunt down the final book in the series. 

When I saw the price I nearly cried. £17 for a book? Ridiculous! That's way too expensive considering the others were an awful lot less. I didn't despair - I checked a few of the international versions of the website I use, and thankfully I found it in the French version for a much more sensible price. I bought it pretty quickly, because I didn't want anyone else to nab it. 

I'm now very happy that I've decided to splash out on the whole series while they are still in my price range. Some of the books are in good condition. A few are 'acceptable'. I don't care about that - so long as I can read them (which is mostly what acceptable is) I don't care that the covers are all different, or with creases on. I just want to read the books. 

White Hot chocolate review

The other day, in my panic of nearly running out of hot chocolate (it shouldn't happen. Ever.) I hopped over to Thornton's to check their range out. They had a lot, just like Whittards (whose hot chocolate is delicious), but both sites charge a fair bit for postage - enough to cover over 1/2 a tub of chocolate powder. So I said no. 
I then went to the hot chocolate shelf in a local supermarket, determined to pick some up. Imagine my complete surprise when I saw Thornton's hot chocolate! I nabbed the white hot chocolate, and was intrigued by it. 

This afternoon I chose the Thornton's white hot chocolate to be my chocolate milk after work. I opened it up, and ended up dueling with the foil. I lifted the tab to pull it up, and the tab broke. There is a bit left, so I tried pulling on that, but that broke of too. With a few careful stabs of the spoon on the foil, I was able to peel it off. 

I then was a bit miffed. The chocolate powder was in lumps. I grumbled to myself about how it possibly had been on the shelf for a bit. I dutifully put in the chocolate 'powder', and then, like I always do, I picked up one of the lumps and ate it (Doing that is often a way to see if hot chocolate is any good). I had an explosion of white chocolate melt in my mouth. I was so shocked I picked up the tin and scanned the description. The hot chocolate hadn't been on the shelf too long. It is hot chocolate powder and white chocolate drops!!! 

Divine is an understatement. This is seriously yummy white hot chocolate milk (I prefer mine cold to hot). I'm definitely getting it again! 

Oreo review

As well as books and hot chocolate, I also love oreos. At the same supermarket which I bought the hot chocolate, I got the original and the chocolate cream version for a good price. Then there was the double cream filled ones for 30p more. I thought I'd try them, although wasn't convinced of the price difference. I do enjoy the cream, but I don't see why it's worth 30p more. I will just buy the normal ones in the future. 

Tonight I'm reading some of a children's horse based book, and fairy book, as well as watching fairy anime (Winx!) and some Negima. No writing for me as I'm working tomorrow and am pretty tired after my first day back after being off sick.


Charmaine Clancy said...

A day of books, anime and hot chocolate with white chocolate drops - I swear you've had the perfect day. Very jealous!

Charlotte said...

17 pounds for Drina Ballerina actually seems like a good deal to me! I've never read it, and only ever seen it for more than that...

Nayuleska said...

Sadly it wasn't all day, but it was nice to come home and do after work.

Really? I'd never looked for it before. Why do books become in such short supply?