Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sword of Light by Katherine Roberts (Children's, 10 years +)

February 2012, Templar
480 pages, Hardback 
Review copy

Themes: king Arthur myth, dragons, knights, squires, headstrong heroine, lines between good and evil blurred, horses, magic harp, pretty costumes, lots of peril, some fighting, lots of tense moments, humour

Summary from Templar
From the award-winning author Katherine Roberts comes a compelling new Arthurian series: a tale of quests, friendships and magic, told across four exciting volumes.
It is the darkest hour of the darkest age. King Arthur is dead, killed by his wicked nephew, Mordred. Saxon invaders rampage across the land and forces of evil are gethering. The path to the throne lies open to Arthur's only remaining flesh and blood - Mordred.

But there is one with a better claim than Mordred - Arthur's secret child. Brought by Merlin to enchanted Avalon as a baby raised there for protection, the king's heir must take up a vital quest: to search for the four magical Lights with the power to restore Arthur's soul to his body.

Introducing Rhianne Pendragon: unlikley princess, secret child of King Arthur and Camelot's last hope.
Nayuleska's thoughts
As a fan of the BBC version of Merlin I was excited to read about Arthur's fiesty daughter. Who wouldn't like a girl who leaps on a table with a sword in her hand, manages to neutralise an enemy without realising it, who gets her own bird of prey which likes being carried on her arm, and a talking apple obsessed horse? I eagerly await the second book to this 10/10 read.

Find out more about the series on Katherine's website
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Tamora Pierce Alanna series, another spunky girl who becomes a knight.

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