Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Ingo Chronicles: Stormswept by Helen Dunmore (Children's, 9 years +)

January 2012, Harper Collins Children's Books
304 pages, Hardback
Review copy 

Themes: mermaids of the non-Disney variety, dangers of the sea, twinhood, musical family, pressure of not fitting in, secrets, legends come real, hunter and the hunted, sacrifices, mild romance, a few laughs, lots of tears. 

Summary from Harper Collins
Morveren lives with her parents and twin sister Jenna on an island off the coast of Cornwall.

As Morveren and Jenna’s relationship shifts and changes, like driftwood on the tide, Morveren finds a beautiful teenage boy in a rock pool after a storm. Going to his rescue, she is shocked to see that he is not human but a Mer boy.

With Jenna refusing to face the truth, Morveren finds herself alone at the worst possible time. Because when the worlds of Air and Mer meet, the consequences can be terrible…

Nayuleska's thoughts
For half the book itvfelt like a fun read, but there was always a sense of danger lurking for Morveren. That feeling got so strong I nearly stopped reading because it was almost too weird for me Yet I kept going and the story flowed as smooth as Ingo. The bond of twinhood is the backbone of the story, with each twin becoming stronger by the end. This gets 8/10, mostly due to personal choice and this being slightly 'darker' than the books I prefer reading at the moment. 

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Suggested read
For a lighter mermaid read, check out Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs. 

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