Sunday, 18 December 2011

Magical Miracle vol 1 by Yuzu Mizutani (Manga, Young Adult, fantasy)

(cute cover!) 

April 2006, Tokyopop 
208 pages, Paperback
Personal copy 

Themes: fantasy, mistaken identity, playing a part, self esteem and self belief, magic, child princess, cute costumes, lots of humour, a few tissues needed. 

Book cover blurb
It's a tale  of magic, mystery, and mistaken identity! 

Merleawe has just arrived in Viegald, where she hopes to study magic at one of the best schools in the kingdom. But shortly after she arrives, the Master Wizard Sylthfarn - the greatest magician in Viegald - goes missing. With panic setting in and a country in need, the followers of Sylthfarn discover that Merleawe looks remarkably like the Master Wizard. With the right training and guidance, she might just pass as Sylthfarn. But is Merleawe "man" enough to bring peace to the kingdom? 

Nayuleska's thoughts
It's inspiring watching Merleawe work hard to help out the tricky situation. It gets her thinking about all the people in the kingdom, the poor and the rich. She wants to be true to herself and protect people. With her cute costumes, even when she's masquerading as the boy wizard her determination only wavers when doubt slaps her in the face (not necessarily literally). Definitely a 10/10 read! 

Suggested read
It isn't a manga, but it is a case of identity swapping for a good cause - Princess for Hire by Lindsey Leavitt