Sunday, 4 December 2011

Astrosaurs: Earth Attack! by Steve Cole (Children's, 7 years +, 10E/10E)

September 2011, Red Fox
122 pages, Paperback

Themes: space, dinosaurs, good tactics, time machine, battling evil, food, friendships, unexpected happenings, lots of courage and humour. 

In this special twentieth Astrosaurs title, Teggs and his crew face an evil old enemy. A carnivore time-machine has been invented and sent back to Earth 65 million years ago to sabotage the plant-eaters' efforts to leave the planet. Only meat eaters will escape!

The Astrosaurs must chase the time machine to save their ancestors and prevent Earth being completely destroyed. Can they do it? 

Nayuleska's thoughts
This is an awesome book because at last I discovered how the Astrosaurs' ancestors got into space with all the details. A few parts of the plot were obvious but it was a gripping read. It was enhanced by having the first Astrosaurs Academy book included, which I hadn't read before and had fun finding out how the Astrosaurs originally met. (I forgot to add there are the usual 4 collectors' cards at the front of the book).

Make sure you head on over to Steve's website to find out more about Astrosaurs and his other books! 

Suggested read
Try one of the Astrosaur's Academy books - the one first one I ever read was Deadly Drama!

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