Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Fright Flight (Dream Seekers book 1) by Lisa Ard (Children's, 7 years +),

October 2011, Puddletown Publishing 
ebook (and paperback)
Review copy 

Themes: dreams, imagination, friendships, family life, being a hero, a lot of humour 

Book blurb
Being twelve years old can be challenging, but add to that the unusual ability to experience dreams as reality and you begin to understand Patrick's need for a little self-control. A "sweet" dream devouring the world's largest ice cream sundae can end with an enormous stomach ache. A fall from a bike means Patrick wakes up with a broken arm. Try explaining that to the emergency room doctor! Oh wait - that would be Patrick's mom. She's a dream seeker, too, as are Patrick's sister and brother. If Patrick follows the family's dream-seeking rules he can have cool night time adventures. But if he forgets...

Nayuleska's thoughts
I loved the chapter heading of the start illustration, and also the other illustrations which fit in well with the story. I found myself smiling a lot, especially when phrases melded perfectly with the story. There were a few areas which drew me out of the story's spell: some awkward phrasing, words not always seeming suitable for the story, plot flow not always smooth or logical, characters sometimes acting out of character. Overall this gets 7/10, as I did really enjoy most of itt. 

Suggested reading
For another very peculiar story with lots of humour and twists, try Boom! by Mark Haddon

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