Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Nayu's DVD Watching Challenge #1 Winx Club! Week 1

In the spirit of my new set of challenges, I can happily announce my first challenge will be the Winx Club!

I adore the Winx. I've watched all four seasons once, and I'm on my fourth time of watching season 1 (which was watched 3 times while I waited for the others to arrive). I love it because its fun. Yes there is hardship and a fair amount of sadness. But watching fairies fight evil with magic makes me smile. I go 'Ooooo, pretty!' and my eyes light up when the girls transform into their fairy mode. The tunes are catching, some of the costumes are very pretty. It never fails to make me smile. What does Winx mean? It's a play on word with 'Wings'.

Right, so what will this and every single challenge involve? I'll be aiming to watch x amount of episodes each week.

This week, week 1,  I hope to watch all of disc 3 of season 1. Bloom has currently lost her magic powers (she hasn't, she only thinks she have but it takes her the rest of the series to learn that), so can't defend herself against the Trix who are 3 very evil sorceresses. Super evil, and chucked out of The Cloud Tower (the Sorceress school) by the headmistress or certified them as being too evil. Nothing like revenge to set 'let's take over the world' plans in motion.

Bloom's friends Stella the Sun fairy  (who is an airhead, but often misunderstood - she does have a heart, but frequently says the wrong thing), Flora is a nature fairy (clue in the name....), Techna who adores everything technical, and Musa who loves music, have to help protect Alfea, the fairy school from the Trix, while Bloom (and for a little bit Stella, if I've remembered correctly) goes off to find out more about her identity, and to get her powers back.

Bloom isn't an ordinary fairy. She's only just discovered she's a fairy, and it was the Trix who revealed that her sister Daphne put her on earth to save her while their kingdom was destroyed. Bloom has the power of the breath of dragon, a highly powerful force. So she's a fire fairy, of sorts. A very powerful one. The Winx are powerful, but Bloom is the strongest on her own.

(Note: I'm watching it all in French, so I apologise if some of the names are wrong, I'm doing my best).

Bloom has a cute rabbit as a pet called Kiko! Where I am currently, Kiko alternates between getting on with, and hating, one of the Trix's pet (Flora gave The Trix Icy the pet as a joke, when she saved the rest of the girls at Alfea from opening eggs with monsters (The Trix had changed the original butterflies to monsters)). Things are getting tense for the Winx, and my heart goes to Bloom because she tried to quit Alfea, but the Trix followed her home and 'stole' her powers at her parents' house. She's one lost, lonely girl, very confused and unsure about her place in the world.

The picture shows the girls' transformation outfits, and their daily outfits. Although its nice to see their outfits vary a little from episode to episode (more so in later seasons, especially 4 when they are no longer at school). They are only at Alfea for 3 years (or 4 if you're a troublemaker like Stella, and wreck the potions lab) - all of them are 16 (Stella's 17) in season 1. If you want to learn more, you can google them :) Its time to go read for me! Tune in to next Tuesday (or Wedsneday) when I'll report back on whether I achieved this week's goals or not.


Anonymous said...

Lovely words about my favorite cartoon series.

Nayuleska said...

Really? Yay! I'll try to post up more about it soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice I love this show i watched all 5 seasons So i really like the way u described the show ^_^

Nayuleska said...

Thanks! It is rather squeesome.

Anonymous said...

hey the 6th season is out too .....why don't you watch it..i mean not the entire season but the first three episodes......they r a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!

Nayuleska said...

I've seen the 3 eps at least twice each! Loving it. Will be sad if it's the last series ever, but I rewatch them all the time! I think the next eps are out this weekend...although how long it takes to come out on Youtube I don't know! (Don't have Nicolodean...)