Saturday, 5 February 2011

Changes happening on NRC: Review Policy & 2011 reading challenges

Afternoon everyone! It's a bit blustery today, but I hope you're all safe and warm, and got a book nearby.

Some of you have noticed I haven't been so active online recently. I've cut my use of Twitter down. This is mostly so that I could make the most of my day (I saved 1-2 hours just by going online (mostly) once a day).

Additionally it has been for health reasons too. For full details check out my personal blog, Nayu's Realm. In light of needing to take life a bit easier, and to prioritise where I spend most of my time (see the previous post on Nayu's Realm for more info on that too), there will be a change in the review structure here on NRC.

First of all, I will no longer aim to review a book every day. I will give a full review to 4 books a week. I will undoubtedly read many more than that. I don't want books to get missed out just because I don't have time to write full reviews for all of them. So once a week, on the What Are You Reading? meme, there will be one or two sentences with my opinion on the book, and a rating out of 10. That way I can still give my opinion on everything I read, but I'll also be saving time too.

The new schedule will look something like this. 

  • Mondays
    • What Are You Reading? meme including minimalist style review
  • Tuesdays
    • A review
  • Wednesdays
    • Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month I'll be reviewing over on Cem's Book Hideout. All other Wednesdays will be a What Am I Watching? Meme (one I've just created). Here I'll discuss dvds I've recently watched. Expect lots of anime, US TV dramas, and occasional films. 
  • Thursdays:
    • Thrilling Craft Adventure Thursdays meme (yet another I've made up). On Thursday's I'll be discussing the craft projects I've been working on during the week. This will predominantly be about knitting, but will occasionally include others including cooking and writing, which is known as The Craft.   
  • Fridays
    • Foreign Language Friday! meme (another I've just made up). Each week I'll be discussing something that I find interesting about foreign languages. This will predominantly be about Japanese, but will be applicable to all other languages. It will be for everyone: hopefully it will help give you some knowledge on other cultures. Other languages to be addressed will be French and Spanish 
  • Saturday
    • A review
  • Sunday
    • A review 
I'm putting up reviews on days when I have more free time. I hope you all enjoy the other posts too. It's incorporating my hobbies alongside being a bookworm. 

That's the schedule for the blog. I have changed the review policy which is down the right hand side. In summary: 
  • I will be taking on very few new authors/publishers for book reviews. 
    • I have commitments with a lot of authors and publishers already. I wish to give them my full attention. I'm fortunate that I do get quite a lot of individual requests for review. I'd love to say yes to everyone, but I can no longer do that. 
    • I'm still encouraging people to email me about books they wish me to review. It might just be one that really captures my interest. 
  • I will almost definitely accept any books that are in the following genres: 
    • Historical
    • Graphic novel/manga
    • Stories involving school life. 
      • I'm particularly fond of these types of books at the moment. This could change over time, but I'll amend it as and when necessary. 
  • I will be declining most blog tours
    • All blog tours that I've agreed to participate in will go ahead as scheduled. 
    • New blog tour requests from 5th February 2011 will be looked at, with the understanding that I'll only take on ones which I'm really interested in. I'm interested in them all, but they do take more time than an ordinary review (full review & minimalist review). 
    • Note: if any of you spot me signing up for a blog tour, please stop me! 
That's pretty much it really. The impact on the changes will be minimal for those who I already deal with. It's more for new requests and blog tours. 

This new change will be in place from Monday 7th February 2011. I'm giving myself tomorrow as a day off :) 

As ever, I'd like to thank you all for supporting this blog, for the comments you give, and also for the books you donate. I am and always will be a book addict. I look forward to many more years of book filled fun here on Nayu's Reading Corner. 

2011 Reading Challenges

In accordance with streamlining the content on the blog, I may have to streamline the book challenges too. I'm going to try and read all the books (which will get minimalist reviews), but I'm aware that I may not necessarily get a lot read. 

Nayuleska, 4th February 2011. 


Cliona said...

All those new memes sound really interesting. I'm glad your going to be discussing other topics rather than books sometimes! And you definitely deserve a break.

Alexia561 said...

Good luck with your new schedule! I like your idea of doing minimalist reviews on the What Are You Reading meme. Enjoy your day off!