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Pocket Cats: Cat Burglar by Kitty Wells

August 2010, David Fickling Books
208 pages, Paperback 
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Children's, fantasy, girls, 9+

Magical cats, magical cat powers (movement, eyesight, hearing), a brother who is both pesky and useful, thieves, mystery, scary moments to make you go 'eeeep', friendship, family love, misadventure through carelessness

Maddy has always wanted a cat, but now she's got something even better - three small ceramic cats which come to life and give her magical powers!

There's a thief in Maddy's neighbourhood, and it's up to Maddy and Greykin to stop them! Determined to catch the thief red-handed, Maddy sets up a stakeout in the back garden. But everything goes wrong, and then something terrible happens: Greykin is stolen! Can Maddy stop the thieves on her own?

Nayuleska's thoughts
As with the other book I've read in this series, I love the bright jazzy cover. But the thing I love most of all, is actually a person, Kitty Wells. I read the author bio at the end - sometimes I just skip over it (bad me - I don't do it on purpose!). Lo and behold there was a great eeeeeep moment when I learned Kitty is none other than Lee Weatherly, author of books like Child X, Glitterwings Academy, Angel.... I tell you, she's amazing! She's one of those authors, the amazing kind who are super prolific. I have learned another alias tonight, which I will divulge nearer the time. 

I should have guessed that Lee was the author because everything in the book is cat like. The way Maddy feels when she uses her cat powers feels perfectly natural for a young girl to feel. I liked how she got scared when she was distracted, and was up high in a tree!  Thankfully she doesn't end up falling off the branch. 

Thieves are evil. Stealing is wrong. Everyone knows this - well apart from the idiots that do the stealing (I hasten to add I've had 2 incidents with thieves which probably shapes my annoyed attitude with them). When things first start disappearing in Maddy's neighbourhead it is a little funny. Everything is low value - well, in monetary terms. I'm glad I'm not the only one who found one of the disapperances hilarious - Maddy was entitled to say what she said, but I guess in that instance it was unlikely to be that particular cause. (What? I'm not spoiling the whole story!)

Obviously Maddy isn't pleased there is trouble about, but it does mean that one of her cats will come to life! I've only met Ollie, and Greykins is so cute! He reminds me of the cat I lost last year. I love it how he tries to pretend everything is ok when it's not. When he's taken, well, Maddy falls apart a little. I think she loses her powers because she doesn't believe in herself enough. It would be awesome if she could use her powers even when her cats weren't alive, but after hearing the last books in the series will be out this year I really don't know what to expect. 

Maddy reminds me of some of the fun I had when I was younger (scrap that, I still have the fun now! Minus the wendy house). There's nothing quite like coming in from the cold and having a mug of hot chocolate, or plotting something with a best friend (although I'm glad I never tried to catch a thief!). The illustrations match the feel of the book, using light coloured ink which gives it a softer feel. I think it shows children that listening to adults is a good idea if they want to keep their possessions safe. And it helps promote cat power! (Thundercats, anyone?) 

Final conclusion 
I'd love to have superpowers like a cat - and have cute little ornaments come to life. *gazes at my own toy collection* Nope. Nothing is moving. 

The lovely Lee can be found on her website

Suggested reading: definitely check out her Glitterwings Academy series, which is very glimmery! And has funky illustrations. Try Glitterwings Academy 11: Friendship Dance  

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