Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Baking cupcakes.

A few of you might look at this post and think what? How is this to do with books and book reviews? The answer is simple - I'm baking cupcakes for tomorrow's online launch party of Cat Clarke's Entangled!

Wednesdays are my day off from work. I love them. Somehow the morning has flown by, and I've only done half of what I wanted to do (sigh). Will have to go to the post office this afternoon because I haven't finished all that I needed to (although I might try and do it all now).

I need cupcakes for the party. I'm short of time. So, I grabbed this nifty way of baking cupcakes from my store cupboard. I'd picked it up a few weeks ago to give it a try. I normally bake cakes/cookies from scratch. Packet mixes are an item of horror in my household. I wanted to try this particular one out because all you do is add milk to a line on the bottle, shake it then pour!

It was sooo easy! The only negative side was the fact that the very last bit of mixture didn't get mixed in (so I took it out and added extra milk), but I suspect that's because I didn't shake for a minute (arms not quite up to that vigorous a shaking). The uncooked mixture tastes pretty decent (yes I am surprised at how good it tastes). The cakes are now in the oven, so I'm waiting for the timer to go off. You'll see the result tomorrow! I think I'm pretty impressed by the cakes, and I'm inclined to pick up another 1 or 2 to save for when I am in a hurry. There's no mess involved. No bowl to wash up. Only a bottle to rinse out, and a spoon (because it didn't mix properly). That's what I call a time saver :)


Sarah said...

I have to confess I tend to use packet mixes for cakes as a time saver but this bottle mix sounds even easier & saves on washing up too. I might have to look out for some next time I go shopping :o) Hope they come out tasting delicious!

Nayuleska said...

They are pretty tasty! You can see them tomorrow :) Come back for the blog party! I've got work but I'll be around once I'm home. I'll try and get up early so I can tweet it and kick it all off.