Thursday, 30 December 2010

Tamora Pierce reading challenge 2011

My 3rd reading challenge will be reading Tamora Pierce's books! (see - I figured out how to do the pictures! It's not fancy, but it has the bare essentials :) 

Edited to add I'm going to try to read one a month. I'd love more but life's changed and I've got to be realistic. 

I love Tamara's books and always borrowed them out of the library. I haven't read all of them, but in 2011 I intend to. They are fun, inspiring and very enjoyable. 

Due to the amount of books I already have for January *cough Acorna series*, I won't be reading Tamora's books until February. Here are the ones I would like to read :) 

  • The Circle of Magic (read these once a long time ago)
    • Magic in the Weaving
    • Power in the Storm
    • Fire in the forging
    • Healing in the Vine
  • The Circle Opens
    • Magic Steps
    • Street Magic
    • Cold Fire
    • Shatterglass
  • Sort of stand alone in this universe
    • The Will of the Empress
    • Melting Stones
  • The Song of the Lioness (read these countless times)
    • Alanna
    • In the Hand of the goddess
    • The Woman Who Rides Like a Man
    • Lioness Rampant
  • The Immortals (library never had book 3, so never read them)
    • Wild Magic
    • Wolf Speaker
    • Emperor Mage
    • The Realms of the Gods
  • Protector of the Small (read these many times)
    • First Test
    • Page
    • Squire
    • Lady Knight
  • Tricksters
    • Trickster’s Choice
    • Trickster’s Queen
  • Beka Cooper
    • Terrier
    • Bloodhound
    • Mastiff (not out til 2011) 

I invite you to join me in this reading challenge. You may use my picture for it if you like (or you will probably be able to create one a little more sophisticated :p ) Whether your read one book, or all of them, I hope you enjoy Tamara's work as much as I do. Check out her website


Anonymous said...

I have read every Tamora Pierce book ever published. She is an amazing author, and I anxiously await Mastiff's release this year. This is an awesome challenge to have, and I hope you enjoy her writing as much as I do!

Book Dragon said...

My Circle of Magic titles are different ;)

I thought Will of the Empress followed Tricksters Queen? Can you tell I haven't read it yet?

I have Melting Stones (unread) and keep hoping to see a third series with the kids.

Nayuleska said...

Depending whether you are in USA or UK, I know the titles are different.

No idea which book follows which! Due to life I haven't been able to get anywhere with my reading challenges. They may have to run into 2012...