Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Gargoylz Summer Fun by Burchett & Vogler

August 2010, Red Fox
128 pages, Paperback
Review copy 


Plenty of laughter, teachers getting wet, mischief, boys with lots of imagination, school fete, Gargoylz, 

It's time for the summer fête at Max and Ben's school and the Gargoylz are eager to join in. They're soon busy helping with the Hoopla, tumbling in the Tombola and lurking in the Lucky Dip! Suddenly the school fête is a whole lot more exciting than anyone had planned!

Nayuleska's thoughts
Any book involving the Gargoylz is a lot of fun, but this is my favourite so far. It wasn't a surprise that Ben and Max were late for an important assembly - although they weren't to know what the headmistress would announce. It's the all important school fete. Now, Ben and Max usually like playing around, but they work really hard on the tasks they are given. Why? Well, if they bring the best item for the white elephant stall they can run any stall they want (they have their eye on dunk the teacher). Unfortunately a rubbish looking envelope beat their golf clubs (which they gained legally. It was hilarious watching them to try taking other items). 

So one event down, 2 to go. The boys had another chance at winning if they designed the best poster. It was a fun poster - but as the illustrations demonstrated the other children had more eye catching designs. They didn't win that one. They are a bit disheartened, being left with the 3rd opportunity to get something nice in the fair. However, one of their mother's pulls through. What have the Gargoylz got to do with this? Everything. They were super excited about the boys hosting their stall - only they misunderstood the term white elephant stall. They'd planned so many exciting things to do with the elephants, they were heartbroken when they learnt the truth about the stall. I actually nearly leaked a tear or two. The Gargoylz adore having fun, which usually leads to some trouble for Max and Ben. But they had put their all into preparing for the elephants - even going as far as making something. They were crushed. However, they got it together and did an incredible job on decorating Ben and Max's stall. I was worried that they might stuff it up and decorate the wrong stall, but they didn't. There was lots of mischief happening at the fete, some by Ben and Max, others by other people. It was a school fete they'd all remember, and one I'll remember too. 

Final conclusion 
The Gargoylz made such an effort in this book, and once they learned the truth about the fete they were really upset, which had me a bit teary eyed. I smiled at what they did in the end though :) They aren't only troublemakers - they can actually help Ben and Neal out! 

Once again there's a codeword to be spotted in the book, which unlocks part of the Gargoylz website! Be sure to check out some of the other Gargoylz books, including Gargoylz Put on a ShowGargoylz On the Loose!, and Gargoylz Get Up to Mischief. I got the Gargoyle Jelly, who was purple (favourite colour) as the sticky toy. 

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