Friday, 10 December 2010

Gargoylz Ride To The Rescue by Burchett & Vogler

August 2010, Red Fox 
128 pages, Paperback 
Review copy

Children's, Fantasy, 6+ 

Mischief, ancient castles, family outing, picnic, hyper younger brothers, knights, jousting, 

Knights, dungeons and battlements – Cavel Castle has it all! Max, Ben and the Gargoylz can’t wait to explore. But the castle has Gargoylz too – and they have tricks of their own! Will the castle Gargoylz make friends with their mischievous visitors?

Nayuleska's thoughts
This particular adventure caught my eye because I love old castles and knights. Max and Ben didn't invite the Gargoylz to join them on the day trip - they invited themselves! This created a bit of a problem because it wouldn't be easy to smuggle the Gargoylz out of the car. The Gargoylz came up with a solution that used their abilities. They soon scampered off to go explore the castle. Max and Ben have to tag along with their sisters, who get to dress up in beautiful costumes (I liked the illustrations for that part!) 

However, neither of the boys could stay still for long, and got the Gargoylz involved in some fun  (which involved both sisters getting scared). The boys had sense to go away from their family - but this didn't keep them out of trouble. I thought the boys knew a lot of Gargoylz. That was until I saw the suggestion of how many Gargoylz lived at the castle. There are heaps! I think Max and Ben will continue to have adventures with both old and new Gargoylz for a long time. So long as it isn't with ones who want to imprison one of the Saint Mark's Gargoylz, it should be okay. 

The sticky toy Gargoyle that came with this book was a turqouise Neb! Sadly he doesn't change colour for me. 

Final conclusion
Anywhere old will have new Gargoylz, who aren't all as nice as the Saint Mark's Church bunch. 

Once again there's a codeword to be spotted in the book, which unlocks part of the Gargoylz website! Be sure to check out some of the other Gargoylz books, including Gargoylz Put on a ShowGargoylz On the Loose!, and Gargoylz Get Up to Mischief.

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