Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Truth of The Matter by Andrew Klavan

September 2010, Headline
278 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Young Adult, thriller

High peril, some moderate violence, moderate torture, amnesia, undercover operations,

Summary from Headline

You're a better man than you think...Find Waterman.' are the words that have been keeping Charlie West going ever since his nightmare started. Wanted for murder and implicated in terrorist plots Charlie is on the run from everyone - completely unable to remember what actually happened...

But now he's found Waterman will he finally learn the truth and manage to clear his own name?

This is the third action-packed installment of Klavan's Homelander Series.

Nayuleska's summary
This says it's the third book, but don't worry, I understood it well enough without reading the previous two (although I think they fill in a lot of blanks). When I started the book, I absolutely loved it. It was fast paced, Charlie doesn't have a clue what's going on and he is in constant danger. I enjoyed the thrill as he was chased down, I wanted to know why people wanted to kill  him. The description of his enemies made my spine shiver. Even when mysteries are unravelled, more pop up along the way. The style of the writing had me gripping my cushion tightly. Further into the novel, it felt a little flat. Not in a major way,  not enough to stop me from wanting to read it again, but enough that I thought 'oh'. This could be because when I when a book like this I have expectations that the stakes will get higher, the plot will get twistier, and it didn't happen for this book. The book did pick up again at the end - I sincerely hope there are more books because it ends on a mini-cliff hanger, with Charlie not really any better off. 

Final Conclusion 
For the most part a fast paced novel with an ending leaving the reader in suspense. 

Be sure to check out the previous two books The Last Thing I Remember and The Long Way Home. 

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