Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Princess Files by Valerie Wilding

September 2007, Oxford University Press

64 pages, Paperback
Review copy

Non-fiction, children's, 8-12 years, 

Princesses - education, transport, marriage, homes, jobs, dresses, jewellery, duty, 

The low-down on real-life princesses past and present - their clothes, their homes, their families - and their fates!

Everyone knows about the princesses in fairy tales. But this book tells us all about real princesses, and answers all the questions we might have about them: What is a princess? Do they all become queens? Are they all rich? How are they educated? What do they wear? Is it all fun being a princess? It cites examples from history and present day including the most famous of recent times, Diana.

Nayuleska's Thoughts
I have never outgrown my fascination with princesses. Admittedly most of my knowledge comes from movies.  That knowledge is often a grain of truth and lots of fiction. Valerie explores every aspect of a princess's life, weeding out the fiction from the facts. There is a lot of fun to being a princess (lots of gorgeous dresses and sparkly jewels), but there are down sides too. Each topic covered is on a two-page spread, with a pastel blue/pink/purple theme. There are lots of photos of princesses (mostly real, a few fake), opening up the eyes of the reader that not every princess can live safely in her own country. I had no idea how many princesses there were in the world (no specific number that I can remember, I just didn't think about the ones in exile). Many of us dream of being princesses, but I'm very glad that I'm normal and can daydream :) 

Final Conclusion
Everything girls would ever want and ever need to know about princesses. 

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Library Mice said...

That's a great post, I am glad you enjoyed the book! It's true we only think of princesses as being fortunate, living in lovely castles etc so it's healthy for little girls to realise it's not rosey for all of them. Not everybody can be a Disney Princess :0)

Nayuleska said...

Thank you :) We can all dream of being a Disney Princess (Big Mulan fan :) )