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Entertaining and Educating Young Children, Caroline Young

2008, Usborne Children's books
128 pages, Paperback
Review copy


Info on young children, music, playing, reading, cooking, being active, healthy living, basic first aid, travelling,

Summary from Usborne Children's books 
Easy-to-use guide filled with activities and play ideas for every stage of a child's development up to the age of five.

Covers a wide range of topics including painting and drawing, music, make-believe, books and stories, letters and numbers, food and cooking and active play.

Offers advice on TV-watching and young children and computers, and on trips, travelling and celebrations.

Each topic includes parenting advice and tips to help make the activities successful.

With internet links to useful websites and downloadable pictures and flashcards and simple online activities.

Nayuleska's thoughts
More and more now I come into contact with young children, and I haven't got a clue what to do. I can read to them, and I can play with them. But I get worried that I'm doing things wrong. This worries me because the early years of a child's life are the most important for their development. This book is perfect for people like me as well as parents, teachers, child minders etc. There are 14 sections. Each section explains how children see the world, how to help the child interact with the world, inexpensive ways to carry out the particular type of play. I've come away feeling less daunted about being around young children. They really think everything about the world is amazing. I want to go and get play around using different materials in paint. I never knew you could use flour to thicken up paint - it makes sense, considering that flour thickens up sauces in cooking. I like how the book subtly stresses that there is no 'right' way for a child to play, and even if we think they are doing something 'wrong', for the child it is right. It also brought back a lot of happy memories from when I was a child playing in make-shift houses (sheets over tables and chairs).

The fourteen sections included in the book are:

  • Make, paint and draw
    • Including painting, modelling and papier-mache
  • Music and songs
    • As the title suggests :)
  • Make-believe
    • A child's imagination is very active
  • Books and their stories
    • Because they are important :)
  • Letters and numbers
    • How to incorporate them in daily life
  • My world
    • How children see their live
  • The world around me
    • The life outside a child's home, and how to interact with it. 
  • Active play 
    • Sports, party games etc
  • Food and Cooking
    • How to get children involved (and encourage them to eat)
  • Active minds
    • Children have a natural thirst for knowledge 
  • The screen scene 
    • TV and video games
  • Trips and travelling
    • Normal trips for adults are great adventures for children
  • Time to celebrate
    • How to make celebrations special (I liked how this emphasised that we don't all celebrate the same holidays)
  • Useful information
    • Basic first aid (only a few tips) as well as other essential info, including how to cater for children with special needs. 
Plenty of illustrations demonstrating how activities can be carried out, including photos too. 

Final conclusion 
Jam packed with great advice on how children see the world

Be sure to check out Usborne's Quick Links page for this book, which is a fountain of information using other websites.

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