Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Radiance by Alyson Noel

February 2011, Pan Macmillan
208 pages, Paperback 
Copy received for a blog tour by UK Book Tours

Young Adult

Supernatural action, a lot of humour, one or two tissues needed

Summary from Pan MacMillan 
Riley Bloom died, aged twelve, in a car crash with her parents and her beloved dog Buttercup. Her sister Ever survived – but that’s another story. Riley must let go of Ever and all the things that tied her to life – and discover what she’s meant to be in the afterlife. Riley is a soul catcher. That means helping the unhappy lost souls who stick around in the human realm to move on – and find their own place, over the bridge, in the great hereafter. With her spirit guide, Bodhi, and Buttercup by her side, Riley embarks on an adventure that will take her around the world – sending ghosts back where they belong, until she can finally make it there herself.

Nayuleska's Thoughts
Riley rules! The spunky younger sister of Ever first appeared as her sister's ghost in Evermore. Riley brought a lot of laughs (and a few tears) in that book, and there are more now. In this first book of her own series, I learned more about Riley's appearance as a ghost to Ever. I enjoyed getting into her mind, which isn't as happy go lucky as she appears to the reader. Now that she has moved on, she can actually return to Earth - how cool is that! Well, that cool part comes after lots of frustration and boredom in her new 'home'. She can't go wherever she wants though. She can't go back and see Ever. She has her own job to do. She's not amazing at it - I wouldn't expect her to be, not at first. Bodhi helps her, but Riley also helps Bodhi out.

It's a lighter read than Ever's series, but still has it's own scarily dark moments. It was a joy to see more of Buttercup, and Riley's parents. Bodhi - he's a character that I took a little bit of time getting used to, but in the end loved him almost as much as Riley (who I adored as much as Ever). I like how more of the universe is explored, it will make me look at everything differently when I re-read Ever's books. Plus, look at that gorgeous cover!

Final conclusion
If you loved Riley before, you'll love her now! And if you didn't think much of her before, give her a chance to tell life from her point of view. Definitely thumbs up with a beaming grin from me!

Make sure you check out Alyson Noel on her website here.

Also definitely read Ever's story, which starts in Evermore

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