Friday, 9 July 2010

Friday News #1

Every Friday I'll be posting a news bulletin, explaining if there are any forthcoming competitions (this week the answer is Yes!), any news about NRC and other news.

  • Blog issues: For some strange reason the YA tab is refusing to work. It can be posted up, but if you click on it, strange things happen. This is being investigated. Those Blogger Gremlins will not win! 
    • Additionally, there is now a permanent box beneath the genre tabs. The lines are invisible, but it announces any important news related to the blog. 
  • Competition news: I can say that there will be a competition next week to win one book. In addition to this, there will be a Hunger Games related competition to win badges, a book and a t-shirt! 
  • I'm slowly catching up on reviews - my To Be Reviewed pile is rather large, since I've read books faster than I can review them. Some of these date back from May...However, I'm now aiming to review 1 book a day Mon-Thur, and 3 a day Fri-Sun. That should help considerably with catching up on reviews, without over-taxing me.
I hope you are enjoying the new look for Nayu's Reading Corner. There are many great reads lined up over the next month! 

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