Saturday, 1 May 2010

Monthly Round-Up: April 2010

I'm amazing myself and putting this up now, 1st May, rather than half way through the month (or even later).

Here's the list of books reviewed in April: a real mixture.

Nayuleska, Historical, Children's
Here be...a thrilling read

Nayuleska, Children's, Fantasy
Here be....the ancient world brought to life in a contemporary setting

Nayuleska, Fantasy
Here be...fairies! (Hope they have more 'page time' in future books)

Nayuleska, Fiction
Here be....well, make sure you have tissues.

Nayuleska, Historical (maybe YA)
Here be... Shakespeare (really!)
Gerry, Children's, Fantasy
Here be...ships!

Nayuleska, Horror
Here be...demons.

Nayuleska, Children's
Here be...oars!

Nayuleska, Children's
Here be....conservation

Nayuleska, Thriller, Children's

Nayuleska, Children's
Here be...fairy godmothers as you've never seen them before (especially their hair).

Nayuleska, Fantasy
Here be...a clever engineer

Nayuleska, Children's
Here be...filming and friendship

Nayuleska, Children's/YA
Here be...dragons!

Yes, I'd wanted to say the last Here be... from the start of this post!

Author interviews

That's it for this month! I'm looking forward to what May will hold for NRC.


Talli Roland said...

I love the covers of some of these books - I have to admit I'm a sucker for pink!

Great round-up.

Becky said...

I am totally intrigued by Devices and Desires.

Karen Mahoney said...

Wow, that's a LOT of reading and reviewing! :)

I haven't read any of those books... Hmm... But I *do* have a couple on my wish list, and I own HEX HALL. Definitely need to read that soon.

Nayuleska said...

Talli: Yup, pink is a funky colour for a cover!

Becky - go read it!

Karen - thanks for coming here. *looks up* That actually is a lower than average month's reading :) But thank you - go read HH!

Miss K said...

Thanks for offering to send us some books. Exciting!

The UK cover of The Sea of Monsters is much more exciting than the US cover!