Friday, 16 April 2010

Twice a month I'll be reviewing on another blog!

For a long time I have been following the review blog Enduring Romance. It reviews a variety of books, including but definitely not limited to romance. Titles can sometimes be misleading.

When the call for reviewers went up today, I tentatively volunteered. I get on well with Kimber An, the moderator online. The tentative part came from me being in England. There are logistics of receiving ARC's. However, hopefully this won't be a problem since some can be received electronically.

KimberAn said yes!

So that's where I'll be every first and third Thursday of the month. I'll put the links to the reviews up on here on those days.


GMR said...

Congrat's! That's great...another way to get in more reviews and spread your name around the blogosphere....will certainly help to build your online following as you move from aspiring author to author in the future! ^_^

Jean said...

Congrats on becoming a reviewer there! :D I agree with GMR, it'll spread your name around the blogosphere!

Good luck :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way! Much appreciated ^^

Becky said...

A new venture! Exciting!