Saturday, 20 March 2010

'Old' books are here!

Well, not really old books. A good issue was raised over at Next Read, concerning 'Books can wait, can't they?'

What gets pointed out is that some reviewers stick to latest titles. Primarily I do this because I receive the books for review. I'm fortunate that on average I can read a book a day, sometimes two a day at weekends (depending what I'm doing).

It isn't that I dislike 'old' titles. I have quite a range of books which would fall into the old category. It's just that review books keep dropping on my doormat (yay!), so naturally I read those. I was about to start reading non-review books on one day each week, before I saw this subject brought up.

So, in view of this, I'm going to aim to read one so called 'old' book every fortnight. I would like to say every week...but I don't want to pressurise myself. For these reviews, I'll be picking my favourite books. Some are in a series. All are much loved. Plus it gives me an excuse to collect some more books! Not that I really need an excuse..

So, every second Sunday, in addition to a current title review, I'll be posting an 'old' title up. Keep watching this space to see what my favourite books are.


Lauren said...

Ooh, excellent! This is something I try to do as well, so that 'new' books don't get all the attention. I'll look forward to reading your reviews.

Yunaleska said...


Sarah said...

I know what you mean about tending to read more new books because of review copies received. I want to read review books as quickly as possible for the publishers but I want to read books that I've had in my TBR pile or whishlists for a long time too so I make an effort to read a selection of old & new books.

It can be hard finding the right balance for you but I don't think there is any right or wrong way to do it as far as your blog goes. I think the best thing to do is read what you want to read - if it becomes a chore of reading review books then it isn't fun anymore & that isn't what I want my reading to turn into :o)

I'll look forward to seeing some of your old favorite reviews!