Sunday, 28 March 2010

Fallen by Lauren Kate WINNER

Apologies for being later than anticipated. I got carried away in relaxing (a good thing) and totally forgot to post this on Saturday morning. I was busy trying to master the start of a new video game (Resonance of Fate which rates as Awesome, even if I'm still trying to get to grips with all the fight moves in the Arena). I then went off, had a lovely time with a friend, then cat sat. I didn't take my computer or anything that I could connect to the internet. I read. I was happy. Until part way through the evening when I was thinking about what I needed to do today, and there was a bit 'oh no' moment.


Anyway, I've had some pretty cool entries, soon to be put in a post. The winning number, pulled from a random number generating site is....


Congratulations Brandi. I'm just awaiting your reply then I can post Fallen to you.

For all those who didn't win/didn't enter/already had the book, I have great news!

There's a special competition coming up shortly, to a limited edition proof copy of Shadow Prowler by Alexey Pahov (review to follow in the next few days). There are only 500 of these special proof copies, so getting one is pretty good going. Each one is officially numbered!

Liking the sound of the book (which is a good fantasy), I wanted to share this with everyone here. So there will be one copy up for grabs! Keep watching NRC for details of how to enter.

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Alexia561 said...

Congratulations Brandi! This book looks awesome. Enjoy!