Monday, 15 February 2010

Apologies, Review Position (still open), cool news from Allison and Busby


Sorry for my absence and lack of reading/reviewing this weekend. Germ gremlins sent tweets to Super-Germ Gremlins this weekend. S-GG's are extremely evil and I was only able to watch DVDs. I'm on the mend, and spraying anti-SGG spray on everything.

Thanks to GRGenius for posting up today's What Are You Reading? #6 meme! You've done an awesome job and I really appreciate what you're doing for me.

Reviewer position still OPEN

For details click here.

I have 3 lovely new reviewers, who I promise to introduce shortly, with bios. (even I may write a bio about myself, seeing the fine job the reviewers have done). I'm awaiting one more bio, then I shall release them.

However, I'm still looking for more reviewers. If you know anyone who might like to review books here, most genres are covered, please let them know about the position (and to email me nayu(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk ) Spam bots are not welcome.

Cool News from Allison and Busby

This morning I received an email from their Publicity and Online Marketing Manager to say that my review for Stop Me by Richard Jay Parker has been chosen for the Today's Pick (this will probably only stay up for today) and they've included a quote from my review, and a link to it, in 'What the critics said' alongside the book on the website (click here).

Thank you Allison and Busby! (and Richard for writing such a great book). I shall be interviewing Richard soon. Nearly forgot to say Richard put a link to the review on his site.

That's it for today - I was going to write up a review but it's late in the day, and I'm still recovering. Brain is slowing down, so it's time to head offline and read!


Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Wow, you've already finished The Gypsy Crown??? How was it? :)

Yunaleska said...

It was fab - my review can be found in the archive section :)