Monday, 8 February 2010

Book Reviewer wanted (UK applicants only) updated 9.30pm Mon 8th Feb

Position of Meme Controller is taken! Introductions will happen in a new post soon.

Position of additional Reviewer is still open. See post for details.

Nayu's Reading Corner is doing pretty well seeing that it's still under one year old. I love everyone who comments here, those kind donators of mine (check them out on the side).

The blog website is currently being tweaked and recreated to a lovely, easier to navigate review blog by a wonderful friend (whose name I'll reveal if she lets me, once I switch to the new site). It will look *shiny*.

I'm still reading virtually a book a day (life depending). And doing my utmost to get a review up a day (also life depending).

However. I need your help!

I love blogging and book reviewing. I am also a writer. I'm fitting in more writing time because I would like to begin the long climb up Mount Publication. First step: finding an agent. I can't magic up extra hours in the day. Sleeping less isn't an option - I have enough germ gremlins without inviting them to party if I drop under 8 hours sleep a night. I need help to keep up the additional aspects of this review blog.

Thanks to a lovely person who will be named soon Memes will restart here on Nayu's Reading Corner in 1 week's time.

I am looking for Book reviewers

Responsibilities: writing a book review at least once a month. More if you can manage it. Books would be from my ARC pile. Most genres covered. I am open to having several reviewers. I currently have 3 but would like more. People love reading books. Most people don't necessarily have the time to put up a review that often. I'd like to offer the opportunity for everyone (in the UK) to review a book here if they'd like to.

Hours: flexible. Minimum 1 book a month. You'd get to keep the book :)

Payment: This is voluntary. Book reviewers don't get paid. But we get to keep the books! Plus additional chocolate every now and then for inspiration.

Ideal candidate: a sense of humour. Someone who likes my blog, who likes reviewing similar genres (YA, children's, historical, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller - although I don't mind if ideal candidate only likes one or two genres). Who is happy to post up minimum 1 book a month. Any more would be a bonus. Due to postage and book releases, UK APPLICANTS ONLY

Submission date: (what, I had to make this look official!) There isn't one. It's an open position (for now). It's a case of whoever steps forward first is likely to get the job. (Which is what happened with the Meme Controller)

How to Apply (yes I forgot to add this in the original post) Email me! nayu(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

Spammers, junk emailers need not apply.

I'm fortunate to have filled the Meme Controller position within 1 day (almost within 1 hour!) This post for a Book Reviewer Vacancy will remain open indefinitely so anyone wanting to review a book, can do, without the obligation of reviewing more than one a month.


Sasha said...

It's really cool how you post really great reviews every day. And read a book a day!? I don't think that I could do that lol x

Yunaleska said...

Thanks Sasha! I have to rest a lot and reading is a good way of resting :)