Monday, 4 January 2010

Possible down time - got snow, but I'm here!


Yesterday it looked like we'd get a little snow. When it changed to 80% prediction of 30-40 centimetres (about 18 inches or so) - well I'm at home since my friend will also get snowed in. I have groceries, and I'm all ready for the 2nd (although 1st of the year) snow fall in the past month. Apparently weather hasn't been like this in England for 20 years.

So in theory I have more time for reading and reviewing. In practice, I don't know what'll happen. I plan on....

  • Building a snow rabbit/bunny
  • Watching movies with family
  • Watching the snow fall! (this can keep me preoccupied for a few hours.)
Although we are due most of the snow 10-12 hours overnight. For once I'm in one of the worst areas to be in, so although it's a hassle because it disrupts work during the week, and planned lunch date with a friend, it is exciting. Funny thing - the last time it snowed was when I'd booked to have lunch with my friend. Saturday was the 2nd attempt - so I'll have to postpone again. Might make it February this time.

So watch this space for reviews over the next few days!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Have fun in the snow - and how do you make a snow bunny/rabbit?

Yunaleska said...

Snow bunny = like a snow man, but with longer ears on top of the head. Or make one lying down (to avoid the problem of ears breaking). Never made one.

And...I'm actually not venturing out to make one. It is really cold! And still snowing. I think it might be a bad idea to go out when I already have poor circulation.