Thursday, 22 October 2009

Merlin actors sign tie-in books 31st October plus chance to win books!

For clarification, this isn't competition #4. This is an external competition, being held by Random House. (These pictures are provided courtesy of Random House)

The occasion?

For those of us in the UK, BBC One is currently airing the second series of the hit show Merlin, a huge hit about the King Arthur legend. Two of the lead stars, Bradley James who plays Arthur and Angel Coulby who plays Guinevere are going to be signing copies of the TV tie-in books.

When? Saturday 31st October
Where? Forbidden Planet,179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR
Time? 3pm-4pm

So, as a recap. If you attend the event, you can have your Merlin books signed by these two actors.

If you can't attend the event there is no reason to miss out. I'm holding a competition, courtesy of Random House.

Competition is now CLOSED. Winner announced here.

What do you have to do? Just post a comment on this post saying you want to win :)

Prize: One winner, selected at random, will receive 2 copies of Merlin books, plus either The Official Annual OR a Merlin Activity book. I will then pass the winner's details on to Random House, who will send the books directly to you.


Krispy said...

Cool contest! My sister and I LOVE this show, but sadly do not reside in the UK. We got into it when they aired Season 1 in the US this summer, and thanks to the magic that is Internet, we can actually watch Season 2.

Good luck to those who enter!

Rebecca Knight said...

Oh, man! I love this show, too, but am also an Americana. Good luck to the UK gang! Also, if you go to the signing, please try to touch Arther so I can live vicariously through you :D!

melanie cho said...

i lovvveee merlin!! seriously i get so excited thinking about getting to watch a new episode and when there isnt one, I'm constantly youtubing colin morgan, bradley james, and such haha
i want to meet the cast someday in person so much but i live in colorado, america so i don't really see a big chance of that over here lol

anyways awesome contest thing too bad i dont live in the UK :(

Yunaleska said...

This is bad...all the people who want to enter are outside the UK!

Ok, just for those outside the US I will be doing a comp on the two Merlin books I have, once I've read them. Which will be soon, just not quite yet.

Yunaleska said...

I meant those outside the UK, not US!

Sal said...

Hiya! Laura gave me a link to you. :) I'd like to win!

Yunaleska said...
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