Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Princess Snowbelle's Activity and Sticker Book by Lucy Flemming (Children's, Activity book, Sticker Book, 10/10E)

 September 2017, Bloomsbury Activity Books, 24 pages, Paperback, Review copy

Summary from Bloomsbury
 Far away, in a castle that glistens as white as snow, lives the beautiful Princess Snowbelle. When she's not out exploring the enchanted wood with her pony Icetail, she's attending royal snow balls with her family or gliding over the frozen lake on ice skates with her best friends.

Nayu's thoughts 
I squeaked with joy as I opened this in front of my family-I love this amount of girliness! With pinks and purples (and other colours) on every page, the adorable Snowbelle who I've never met before but who does have other books with her adventures became lodged in my heart. She has such fun adventures by herself, with friends, family and her faithful pony. 

I liked the sheer variety of thigs to do. While I haven't seen many activity books in recent months, I honest don't remember seeing a scene like Snowbelle's where using a grid for reference the reader is asked to draw the picture they see. That alone will take a good 30+mins (depending on the skill, patience, perfectionist tendencies of the artist). There are flowers to decorate on the castle (nope, not flowers snowflakes...which I was surprised to see on a bright pink backgeound which doesn't blend into the palace at all!) I loved figuring out the path Snowbelle needed to take to places...although sometimes it wasn't clear which path went where, and there were 2 blue like mountains! 

That aside there are heaps of stickers to put where you want (maybe on yourself?) and other puzzles that truly make this book provide several hours of fun! I want a sequel now! 

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