Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Nayu's News #253 Good Intentions


Ichigo from Aikatsu!

I'm alive! Which if on Twitter you know as I'm there daily. Life has been it's usual self. Despite officially being Spring, and some days hitting a maximum of double digits, my silly body reacts to the coldest temperature of the day, which has consistently been under 5C, occasionally under 0C, which is when I simply don't function at all well. So apologies, I really am going to try to check in once  week not once a month. Even if it's just a short paragraph and a cute  picture. 


Yurika from Aikatsu! (I'm in an Aikatsu! mood)

Life continues being life, there's still some stress which I can't talk about and probably can't for a few more months - I will when it's all over. I can be found gaming most days. I am slowly starting to do a little sewing and crochet, progress pics will happen in due course. I am slowly fitting in more reading time (also a good thing). All family and pets are well. Been busy growing some plants, again pictures will happen later (I really do post everything on Twitter. I'm only on 1 social media now.) Ramadan is coming to an end but I will try and do a special post before it ends. I've been managing to mostly hit my goals which got adjusted but that's ok too.  Life is all about adjustment and good intentions! 

Aoi and Ichigo've guessed it, Aikatsu!

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