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Review & Competition CLOSED Losing Agir by Liz Fisher-Frank (Young Adult, 10/10)

10th December 2012, Live It Up Publishing 
198 pages, Paperback
Review copy 

Themes: living in a foster home, refugees, human trafficking to England/how it works/the damage it can do, difficulty in trusting people, mysterious background, domestic violence, huge secrets, spying, spunky heroine, losing faith in people, learning harsh truths, tissues are needed

Summary from Live It Up

Partly based on fact. this is the story of two young people, united by experiences of family separation and loss, whom, in their search for justice, find friendship and even love.

This is the story of Alice, a 15 year old in care and her relationship with Agir, a Kurdish boy smuggled into the UK following the violent destruction of his village in South-East Turkey. As Agir's terrible tale unfolds, Alice learns the truth about her strange and unnerving foster home. Against the backdrop of her own family tragedy, does Alice have the strength to challenge her foster father to free Agir from his clutches?

For further insight watch this video of Liz describing the book. 
Nayuleska's thoughts 

This is a heartbreaking read because all that happens in it happens too often all over the world. I nearly put the book down since the prologue was very intense and I tend to need lighter reads at the moment. However it covers issues which are close to my heart so I kept reading on. I'm glad I did. The super intense parts are spaced out with Alice's story. Alice's life is far from a walk in the park. I was so afraid for her on many occasions. I was intrigued about what happened to her family (a clever plot twist). She really needed to be loved and feel secure - she did eventually get this in a scene which had me crying. 

It must be awful to be in a foster home where stuff goes on which shouldn't happen and no one will believe what you say. This 10/10 read is a good example how you can't really judge someone on how they appear, and trusting your instinct is important. And that you often need solid proof to back up your arguments.

You can find out more on Liz's website.

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The competition is now closed.. Winners are announced here.

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