Saturday, 24 October 2015

Winx Club season 6 review 10E/10E

Winx rule! Daphne, on the far right is Bloom's elder sister, and while not a Winx she is a powerful fairy and is almost always with them.
It's time to chat about my favourite anime fairies! I've had two days in which I've watched most of the episodes, since I wasn't feeling great so took a break from blogging. Managed to write a lot on Thursday, but yesterday was a solid rest day. I've been catching up on emails this morning, so felt like posting an extra fun post! You can find out everything about Winx online, but here's a Wikipedia link which gives you the lowdown that I can't quite be bothered in doing. It's about friendship, magic, and helping others!

Winx season 5 was fun, but at times the plot was a bit obvious and felt too easy. This didn't ruin it for me because I adore Winx and loved the songs and costume changes for both Harmonix 
Top row: Bloom, Layla, Flora. Bottom row: Musa, Tecna, Stella
and Sirenix. 
 There's both a 2D and a 3D version of Sirenix

However seasons 6 returned to the twists and turns that season 1-4 had in abundance. I had no idea what was coming next! I didn't realise that Daphne would end up married (highlight previous word to see a spoiler). I loved how Bloom's inextinguisable power was able to help the other Winx when they lost their own powers, which resulted in Bloomix! 
Close up of the girls' faces for Bloomix
Here the girls are about to change into Mythix

I loved the travelling they got to do around the world - and that they took the pixies (who help the Winx) with them, who prove to be both a help and a small hindrance. 
Although why they got rid of Digit and Tune switching them for Cara and Cherie is forever a mystery.

Love the flowing sleeves!
The Trix's outfit change was elegant (much better than tentacles which I'm not showing here as they give me the creeps). They are as evil as ever, and train other witches to be like them. They do get what they deserve in the season finale, so don't fret! 

I liked how the girls entered another dimension, the Legendarium, and that's when they go 3D with Mythix, which unlike Sirenix is only 3D.
Here's when the Winx first enter the Legendarium
I go tingly when I hear that and any of the other transformations. I was a bit sad by the finale because I really think so much more could have been explored in the Legendarium, which had the potential for dozens of differen legends - maybe it's something that will be used in the future. 

The girls continued to grow in their characters. Bloom perhaps predicatably ran away when things got too much, but she wasn't left alone for long. 
Techna and Musa fell out, but thanks to needing to get rid of the Pandemonium Sprites they worked together and earned their Bloomix powers.
Musa on the left, then Tecna. BTW it annoys me no end that the English version seems to add a 'i' to her name so it rhymes with the sound of music (mewsik phonetically or however it is sounded out). French version keeps it without the 'mew' part, if any of this makes sense!)
Stella is her usual overconfident self, getting most fashion changes wrong before finding an ideal one, and power goes to her head when she is queen of Solaria for the day, but through her mistakes she learns huge lessons and all is right at the end. 
Stella in one of her own creations with fake wings make a cute touch to the outfit.
Layla/Aisha (Layla in French version, Aisha in English version) is torn between liking Roy and Nex, although I preferred to focus on how awesome she was at almost all sports. 
Layla gets rather annoyed with Stella's style changes that got wrong, like this hat which was too big.
Flora is her usual caring self, although like Stella she gets a little too wrapped up in her love of nature which annoys both her friends and Helia. However her fascination with nature makes her the perfect guardian of Alfea's secret greenhouse (the school they go to/teach at (which is weird cos technically they've graduated but I like to think of them as learning new skills since they are such a special group)

Flora's little sister Miele is little no more (on the left, right is Flora)

Flora and Miele in season 4 - Miele has truly grown up!
I get to meet Tecna's parents who are nothing like I expected - her favourite foods are a lot to be desired, as is the Fairy Godmother Eldora's tea. 
Tecna is much more feminine in outfits than she used to be in the early seasons. I like her softer look!
There is so much to love about Winx that I could go on forever, but I need to finish this post, so that's it for now! 

Note: there are 4 dvds in the season 6. You can buy the 1st on Amazon UK (I think too, although it seems to mostly be all online). The rest aren't available in the UK, but if you get them from Amazon France the English audio version is on the dvds, as well as the French which I have. It is available as a boxset in French (with English audio), but since I chose to have the dvds as they were released I've got the individual ones. It bothers me a smidge that the English dub has different voices for nearly each series, the French ones thankfully remain almost all the same!
vol 1 & 2

vol 3

vol 4


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