Sunday, 7 June 2009

Shine on, Daizy Star by Cathy Cassidy

Just out, 4th June 2009
184 pages
Childrens: 7+ (more for girls)
Clouds: 4/5
Smiles: 3/5
Overall: 4/5

*coughs* Before I get into this new series by Cathy Cassidy, I would like to draw attention to the cover. Well, I think it draws enough attention with bright yellow and the cute little girl on the front. What can't easily be seen is that the purple letters are *shiny*! Moving the book around lets the light catch the letters. Cathy illustrated both the cover and all the little pictures inside this book. A daisy surrounds each chapter number, stars outline each page number. There's a two page spread the beginning with the main characters drawn out, and comments along side them. That set the tone of the book for me. My favourite picture? The cakes on page 12 :) I'm cake mad.

Now for the story! Dazzy Star is a year six girl (10/11 years old), enjoying life with her friends. There are two plot lines: the first is her father, a teacher, comes up with the crazy idea of sailing around the world. Daizy doesn't tell anyone about it, and lives with hiding the big secret that she'll be leaving school for a while. Her elder, rather moody sister Becca doesn't like the plan. Neither does their mother. But everyone eventually goes along with the plan. I won't say more than that for fear of spoiling the story.

The second story line is Daizy's swimming lessons. Or lack of them. Her parents sign her up, but she embarrasses herself by doing something in the first lesson, and doesn't go back. She pretends that she attends classes, but her lies catch up with her in the end.

Daizy has a vibrant personality. I loved her character because unlike her friends, she isn't interested in boys. She discovers lying isn't a good occupation - it becomes harder and the truth comes out when she doesn't want it to. All in all, she's a good role model for girls.

Content: nothing of note.
Overall impressions: well, I'm keeping an eye out for future books!

Cathy Cassidy's fun website is here
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