Thursday, 4 June 2009

Faerie Heart, by Livi Michael

Out today! June 4th 2009
182 pages
Childrens: 9+ (dark) fantasy
Cushion rating: 3
Overall rating: 4

I sat down with this booking, hoping for a nice, quiet evening with a 'happy' book. Little did I know that halfway through I'd want to scream...

Story telling has been going on for centuries. In Fairie Heart, Keri hears tales about fairies in the small community she lives with. Little does she realise she's about to become one of those stories herself. When her baby brother gets sick, she can't accept it and runs off from home. She bumps into Queen Mabb, who literally takes away Keri's life.

I enjoyed how the fairie stories were told, with Keri wishing to see Mabb. That wish changed when life didn't go according to plan. As with most first person point of view stories, I believed I was Keri. I could see the cuteness of her baby brother, could feel the true to life feelings of frustration when she had to help with the chores.

I literally nearly did scream when I learnt what Mabb had done. I hadn't seen it coming, and only sleep stopped me from devouring the rest of the book. The only reference I've heard about Mabb before was in Romeo and Juliet (I think...) yes, even her chariot is mentioned here.

The level of fear and apprehension I felt for Keri led to a new rating: cushion rating. It's how much I want to hide behind a cushion as I read the story.

I happily report this book went beyond my expectations. Even in a re-read I think my spine will still shiver in fear, such is the power of the words.

Content: safe. Unless you don't like being scared.

Information about Livy can be found here.


Danyelle L. said...

Gah! This sounds like such a great book, but I'm a wimp. :$

Nayuleska said...

:) You and me both!