Friday, 7 February 2020

Nayu's Gaming Time #26 Nintendo Switch Lite review + Hatsune Miku Project Diva Mega39s incoming!!!!!

Before people get mad at me saying it isn't the correct title, it is for the Japan version. I put the Western version title below the first sentence. It is 39s in Japan, Megamix in the West. So nyah!!!
There is just under a week until this absolutely awesome game is out! 

The English/Western version title
I predownloaded it yesterday - for some reason games on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eshop take forever to arrive for preorder. I was checking daily and the one day I didn't check it appeared. I only noticed because someone I follow tweeted about it. 
 I will be spending my Valentine's day with the best vocaloid in the universe!!!! 
Eevee as herself, Eevee! With 4 sounds of her calling her name ^u^
With my adorable still fairly new Miku triplets, last seen welcoming my very new Eevee Pokemon plushie to my home! 

And yes I now have a Nintendo Switch Lite! I got it on Tuesday - I was able to trade my old Switch and one game in for it in Game, meaning I got it for free! I wanted a lighter console because I game for hours daily, I have weak hands and I found the weight of my Vita/2DS XL easier than my original Switch. The Lite is incredible. 
I had to buy the cute Pokemon outfit!

The Nintendo Switch Lite is totally the right choice for me. It's signifcantly lighter in weight, I don't feel like it will fall apart in my hands as there are no joycons, the clarity does seem better on the slightly smaller screen which I have got used to straight away. I love it to pieces. I'd hoped for but that hope failed when I saw the edition was for the main Switch. I understand Nintendo's reasoning for this - more people like the Switch then the Lite - but I was still very disappointed. There's still hope of me getting a fun decorated Lite! I love my yellow one so much, it is perfect for handheld only gamers. When I am able to play on the TV I have my PS4 with a stack of games to enjoy. I never used the rumble feature on the Switch because my cat didn't like it and I do a lot to keep her happy. I can still play wirelessly with my Zelda controller (I think....). All in all a very good trade in! 

I'd love to hear if you have a Lite, or are considering one. And are you getting the new Miku game now in Japanese or waiting for the English version? I've played a lot of rhythm games, especially Project Diva so there is no point me waiting when I don't have to. Very little needs to be understood in rhythm games! I was worried it may not work on the Lite, as one feature of the game is playing with joycons off the console for the non-button way of playing, but I am a button only girl plus I've since seen the back of the box which shows it is suitable for the Lite! 

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