Saturday, 9 February 2019

Nayu's News #245 Winter continues

Haven't used this pic for a long time! I'm thinking it is sort of wintry with the scarf
Hey guys, I hope you were ok if you had snow last week which brought part of England to a halt. For once we were in the crazy zone with lots of snow and chaos ensued as it always does. It was pretty, and got melted away by rain. Oh this is being posted simultaneously on my other blog, Nayu's Crochet Dreams to save me time and energy.

(This is just for this blog, but I've somehow missed out the 243 post to my Nayu's News series - easier to skip it than add it back in out of order!)

View from my bedroom window during the snow sprinkling
Because of all the weather I'm having my super strong meds a bit earlier than I normally do - my body really hates snow. So there won't be a blot post for a week, which I know is currently the norm (I'm truly sorry for that, I hate not posting much), but I need the rest to get over the initial side effects of my meds. Unlike my cat I can't just sleep through winter! 

As always, I can be found on Twitter @Nayuleska I tend to tweet a bit less during my mediine down time, only because initially I do get pretty hyper and don't want to be repeating myself or gushing over a game too much. 

The familiar green Yoshi comes in many other colours, but this is the most well known.

I am hoping that we've had our coldest time of year. Our winter usually does come in February rather than December, but I'm praying that's the only insanely cold spell.Warmer weather = bit more energy + can concentrate on stuff = more craft! & other stuff in general. Until then, it's reading and gaming for me. And anime.I'm having so much fun with my game rental service, currently on Yoshi's New Island on the Nintendo DS (or 3DS, can't quite remember) I want to complete it so I can play the next game in the series, and then hopefully the new one out this march! The next one is based on yarn so I'm very eager to play it. The little green dino is adorable, especially the way it can eat enemies and turn them into eggs that follows wherever it goes. 

Love Obelix (left) and Asterix! )
I've got a nice mild romance series to read, along with a pile of Tintin and Asterix books. As for anime, I'm watching the usual favourites of Winx Club and Aikatsu! which I always watch. I'm rewatching Neo Angelique Abyss, both seasons, but in looking it up online I discovered there's another spin off series: both anime series are spin offs from a game series. I'm on episode 5 of the one I haven't seen, and while the rewatch will always have a special place in my heart, the new one is pretty good, and I understand why certain things happned in the one I've seen now I know more backgorund info.
See you on the next one!

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